microRNA-directed chromatin silencing

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Table 1. Genome immunity by microRNA targeting of mobile DNA

(see also http://shapiro.bsd.uchicago.edu/TableII.9.shtml for earlier references).


microRNA targets



Transposable elements

(Rigal and Mathieu 2011; Ng, Lu et al. 2012; Nuthikattu, McCue et al. 2013)



(Mirouze, Reinders et al. 2009; Slotkin 2010)



(Tian, Yu et al. 2011)



(Zhang, Ge et al. 2013)


Transposable elements

(McCue, Nuthikattu et al. 2012)


Transposable elements

(Barber, Zhang et al. 2012; He, Chen et al. 2013)


Viruses and viroids

(Navarro, Pantaleo et al. 2009; Pantaleo 2011; Zhu and Guo 2012; Ramesh, Ratnaparkhe et al. 2014)

Rice, tobacco and Laodelphgax striatellus insect vector

Rice stripe virus

(Xu, Huang et al. 2012)



(Vanitharani, Chellappan et al. 2005; Raja, Jackel et al. 2013)

Caenorhabditis elegans germ-line


(Sijen and Plasterk 2003; Buckley, Burkhart et al. 2012; Lee, Gu et al. 2012)



(van Rij, Saleh et al. 2006)

Drosophila somatic cells


(Kawamura, Saito et al. 2008)

Drosophila male germ-line


(Kalmykova, Klenov et al. 2005)

Drosophila female germ-line

Transposons, retrotransposons and retroviruses

(Brennecke, Aravin et al. 2007; Brennecke, Malone et al. 2008)

Drosophila female germ-line

Telomeric retrotransposons

(Shpiz, Kwon et al. 2009)

Drosophila gonads


(Sienski, Donertas et al. 2012)

Drosophila somatic and germ-line cells

Transposons, retrotransposons and retroviruses

(Handler, Meixner et al. 2013)

Drosophila tissue culture cells


(Chung, Okamura et al. 2008)


White spot syndrome DNA virus

(Huang and Zhang 2013; Sabin and Cherry 2013)

Mammalian cells

EMCV and NoV RNA viruses

(Maillard, Ciaudo et al. 2013)

Human tissue culture cells

LINE retrotransposons

(Yang and Kazazian 2006)




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