Revisiting evolution in the 21st Century
  Works of the Mind lecture, October 3, 2010 MPEG 4 file (1h42min).

Rethinking the (Im)Possible in Evolution (video), EMBO Conference "Evolution in the Time of Genomics," Venice Italy, May 9, 2012

Physiology and the revolution in Evolutionary Biology (video), Denis Noble, President, International Union of Physiological Sciences, International Conference of Physiological Sciences, Suzhou, China, November 2, 2012

What DNA Teaches Us About Evolution
, Linus Pauling lectures, Portland, Oregon, February 8, 2013

The Read-Write Genome, Annual Congress of the International Union of Physiology Societies, Symposium on Physiology and Evolution: Has physiology become relevant again to evolutionary biology? Birmingham UK, July 22, 2013  

How Life Changes Itself: The Read-Write Genome, Arizona State University, October 3, 2013

The Read-­‐Write (RW) Genome – Taking Some of the Mystery Out of Evolution
, Trotter Prize Lecture, Texas A&M University, April 7, 2014

The RW Genome, Epigenetics, Evolution and Pregnancy, 3rd Annual Robert G. Edwards Lecture, 20th Congress on Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility, Paris December 4, 2014        Extended Abstract with references

What Molecular Biology Teaches Us About Genomes – 60+ Years of Surprises,

Bevan lecture, Queen Mary University London, December 11, 2014
Video of presentation

Course on the Read-Write Genome, Edmund Mach Institute, Trentino-all-Adige Italy, November 12-15, 2013:
        1. Genome proofreading and repair - sensing and responding (starts at 17:00)
        2. DNA damage responses and mutagenesis - cell activity in the smallest genome changes
        3. Mobile genetic elements - mechanisms and range of genome changes (starts about 5:00)
        4. Mobile genetic elements - control and targeting of action
        5. Immune system DNA changes: How an evolved protein evolution system operates (starts about 7:00)
        6. What the genome record teaches us about the role of cell activity in evolutionary changes (starts at 2:30)     
        Public Lecture: What DNA Teaches About Evolution (starts at 2:30)

Interviews with John Feldman
, January 22-23, 2013 (videos)
    1. Rethinking Evolution
    2. Rethinking the Central Dogma
    3. The Cell in Charge of the Genome
    4. The Genome is a Read-Write Memory System
    5. Barbara McClintock and the People who Appreciate the Mysteries in Science
    6. The Wisdom of Barbara McClintock's Nobel Prize Speech
    7. New Thinking About Rapid Change in Evolution
    8. "The Endless Frontier" - No Simple Answers
    9. The Future Agenda
    10. If Cells are Cognitive, What about Groups of Cells?


Cognitive Aspects of Genome Function (lecture to Symposium on Neurobiological Correlates of Interpersonal Relations, Freiburg, Germany, October 15, 2011)

Rethinking the (Im)Possible, or Biological Plausibility Is Not What You Thought It Was (lecture to the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Queen Mary University, London, October 26, 2011)

Bringing Cell Action into Evolution (lecture to the "Earth, Life & System" Interdisciplinary Symposium on Environment and Evolution in Honor of Lynn Margulis,Texas Tech University, September 13-14, 2012)