Table III.1. Examples of intercellular and interkingdom DNA transfer

Horizontal transfer mode

Documented transfers

Uptake of environmental and liposomal DNA

Bacteria – bacteria: (Averhoff and Friedrich 2003; Claverys, Prudhomme et al. 2006; Averhoff 2009)

Archaea-archaea: (Bertani and Baresi 1987; Worrell, Nagle et al. 1988); (Cline, Schalkwyk et al. 1989; Patel, Nash et al. 1994; Metcalf, Zhang et al. 1997; Soppa 2006; Almeida, Leszczyniecka et al. 2008; Berkner and Lipps 2008; Soppa, Baumann et al. 2008)

Algal transfection: (Walker, Purton et al. 2005).

Plant – bacteria: (Kay, Vogel et al. 2002; de Vries, Herzfeld et al. 2004)

Plastid transfection: (O'Neill, Horvath et al. 1993)

Mammalian cell transfection: (Wolff and Budker 2005; Khalil, Kogure et al. 2006; Kim and Eberwine 2010) and lipofection: (Felgner 1987; Zuhorn, Kalicharan et al. 2002)

Plant protoplasts: (Potrykus 1990; Davey, Anthony et al. 2005)

Conjugal transfer

Bacteria – bacteria: (Hayes 1968)

Archaea – archaea: (Prangishvili, Albers et al. 1998)

Bacteria – archaea: (Dodsworth, Li et al. 2010)

Bacteria – yeast: (Heinemann and Sprague 1989; Heinemann and Sprague 1991)

Bacteria – plant: (Winans 1992; Broothaerts, Mitchell et al. 2005)

Viral transduction and GTAs (gene transfer agents)


Bacteria – bacteria: (Stanton 2007; McDaniel, Young et al. 2010)

Archaea -- archaea: (Meile, Abendschein et al. 1990; Bertani 1999); (Zillig, Prangishvilli et al. 1996; Eiserling, Pushkin et al. 1999; Prangishvili 2003; Snyder, Stedman et al. 2003; Prangishvili and Garrett 2005; Prangishvili, Forterre et al. 2006; Prangishvili, Garrett et al. 2006)

Bacteria – plant: (Chung, Vaidya et al. 2006)

Animal cell – animal cell: (El-Aneed 2004)

Animal cell – virus: (Filee, Pouget et al. 2008)

direct fusion of cells or protoplasts that lack a rigid outer covering.

Bacteria -- bacteria: (Schaeffer, Cami et al. 1976; Hopwood, Wright et al. 1977; Patnaik, Louie et al. 2002; Dai, Ziesman et al. 2005)

Mammal -- mammal: (Ramos, Bonenfant et al. 2002; Trontelj, Usaj et al. 2010; Yamanaka and Blau 2010)

Plant -- plant: (Gamborg and Holl 1977; Binding, Krumbiegel-Schroeren et al. 1986; Nehls, Krumbiegel-Schroeren et al. 1986; Potrykus 1990; Fahleson and Glimelius 1999; Davey, Anthony et al. 2005; Poma, Limongi et al. 2006; Savitha, Sadhasivam et al. 2010)

Parasitic or endosymbiotic association

Plant – fern: (Davis, Anderson et al. 2005)

Plant – plant: (Davis and Wurdack 2004) (Mower, Stefanovic et al. 2004)

Bacteria – invertebrate: (Hotopp, Clark et al. 2007; Nikoh, Tanaka et al. 2008; Nikoh and Nakabachi 2009)

Undetermined mechanism

Archaea – Bacteria: (Woese, Olsen et al. 2000; Koonin, Makarova et al. 2001)

Bacteria – fungus: (Belbahri, Calmin et al. 2008)

Bacteria – protist: (Huang, Mullapudi et al. 2004; Stechmann, Baumgartner et al. 2006; Whitaker, McConkey et al. 2009)

Archaea – protist: (Andersson, Sarchfield et al. 2005; Huang, Xu et al. 2005)

Protist – protist: (Andersson 2005; Andersson, Sarchfield et al. 2005; Andersson, Hirt et al. 2006; Andersson, Sjogren et al. 2007; Andersson 2009; Andersson 2009)





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