Table 5A. Examples of documented exon shuffling by mobile genetic elements

Mobile Element(s)



Mu-Like element carrying exons (Pack-MULEs)


(Jiang, Bao et al. 2004) (Jiang, Ferguson et al. 2011)



(Hoen, Park et al. 2006)



(Barbaglia, Klusman et al. 2012)

Retrotransposon activity


(Elrouby and Bureau 2010)


Grass Lolium perenne

(Langdon, Thomas et al. 2009)



(Yang, Arguello et al. 2008)



(Kogan, Usakin et al. 2012)



(Betrán, Thornton et al. 2002; Vibranovski, Zhang et al. 2009)



(Coates, Hellmich et al. 2012)

LINE-1 (frequent retrotransposition from X chromosome to autosomes)

Homo sapiens

(Uechi, Maeda et al. 2002; Ding, Lin et al. 2006; Garcia-Perez, Doucet et al. 2007; Solyom, Ewing et al. 2012)


Homo sapiens

(Xing, Wang et al. 2006; Damert, Raiz et al. 2009; Hancks, Ewing et al. 2009; Taniguchi-Ikeda, Kobayashi et al. 2011)




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