Table 4F(1). Induced transgenerational epigenetic changes

Stimulus or stress



Heat stress

Fission yeast (S. pombe)

(Seong, Li et al. 2011; Seong, Maekawa et al. 2012)

Heat and UV-B


(Lang-Mladek, Popova et al. 2010)

Heavy metals


(Rahavi, Migicovsky et al. 2011)

Heavy metals


(Ou, Zhang et al. 2012)

Bacterial infection


(Luna, Bruce et al. 2012)

Viral infection


(Dong 2004; Boyko, Kathiria et al. 2007)

Viral infection


(Kathiria, Sidler et al. 2010)

Chemicals and predation


(Verhoeven, Jansen et al. 2010; Verhoeven and van Gurp 2012)



(Rasmann, De Vos et al. 2012)

Drought exposure

Polygonum persicaria

(Herman, Sultan et al. 2012)

Multiple stressors


(Boyko and Kovalchuk 2010; Herman and Sultan 2011; Rasmann, De Vos et al. 2012)

RNA (induced RNAi or piRNA)

Nematode (C. elegans)

(Burton, Burkhart et al. 2011; Ashe, Sapetschnig et al. 2012)

Endocrine disruptors


(Bollati and Baccarelli 2010; Walker and Gore 2011; Manikkam, Tracey et al. 2013)

Maternal behavior


(Weaver, Cervoni et al. 2004; Szyf, Weaver et al. 2005)




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