Table 2C(2). Documented Horizontal DNA Transfer Events in the Three Domains of Life

Horizontal Transfers


Among prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea)

(Sonea and Panisset 1983; Doolittle 1999; Hacker and Carniel 2001; Boucher, Douady et al. 2003; Hacker, Hochhut et al. 2004; Doolittle and Zhaxybayeva 2009; Fournier 2009; Iwasaki and Takagi 2009; Woese and Goldenfeld 2009).

Among eukaryotes

(Rosewich and Kistler 2000; Raymond and Blankenship 2003; Sanders 2006; Opperdoes and Michels 2007; Richardson and Palmer 2007; Gladyshev, Meselson et al. 2008; Lisch 2008; Loreto, Carareto et al. 2008; Alsmark, Sicheritz-Ponten et al. 2009; Andersson 2009; Keeling 2009; Roulin, Piegu et al. 2009; Sanchez 2011)

Eukaryotes to prokaryotes

(Doolittle, Feng et al. 1990; Da Lage, Feller et al. 2004; Rogers, Patron et al. 2007; Anderson and Seifert 2011)

Microbes to multicellular organisms

(Bird and Koltai 2000; Mitreva, Smant et al. 2009; Woolfit, Iturbe-Ormaetxe et al. 2009; Danchin, Rosso et al. 2010; Haegeman, Jones et al. 2011; Jackson, Macis et al. 2011; Richards, Soanes et al. 2011; Keeling, Yuen et al. 2013; Pan, Xu et al. 2013)




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