Table 1F. Genome Formatting for Replication

Formatting signal



Origin of replication (Ori)

Permit formation of intiating replication complex on duplex DNA

(Robinson and Bell 2007; Berbenetz, Nislow et al. 2010; Cayrou, Coulombe et al. 2010; Duderstadt, Chuang et al. 2011)

Terminus (Ter)

Allow completion of circular DNA replication

(Jensen 2006; Mercier, Petit et al. 2008; Cayrou, Coulombe et al. 2010; Toro and Shapiro 2010)

Site-specific recombination site (dix, par)

Permit the resolution of dimeric circular replication products into two monomeric circles for partition to daughter cells

(Salje and Lowe 2008; Schumacher 2008; Cortez, Quevillon-Cheruel et al. 2010)

Okazaki primer initiation sites

Facilitate RNA primer synthesis on lagging strand

(Masai and Arai 1996; Lia, Michel et al. 2012)

Telomeric hairpin loop with resolution sites

Continuous DNA strand at the end of a linear genomic molecule (prokaryotes) to permit complete replication of the lagging strand end and separation into two linear copies

(Chaconas 2005; Kobryn, Burgin et al. 2005; Tourand, Deneke et al. 2009; Chaconas and Kobryn 2010)


Specialized structure at the end of eukaryotic linear molecules that allow extension of the lagging strand by the telomerase reverse transcriptase

(Blackburn, Greider et al. 1989; Greider and Blackburn 1996; Fajkus, Sykorova et al. 2005; Lamb, Yu et al. 2007; Witzany 2007; Schoeftner and Blasco 2010; Rubtsova, Vasilkova et al. 2012)




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