[ James A. Shapiro ] James A. Shapiro

Life history events that alter the epigenome
(DNA methylation, chromatin formatting and siRNAs)

Event (Organism)



Plant stress

Epigenetic changes. methylation and chromatin modification; siRNA alterations

(Jones-Rhoades and Bartel 2004; Madlung and Comai 2004; Lukens and Zhan 2007; Chinnusamy and Zhu 2009; Jaskiewicz, Conrath et al. 2011; Grativol, Hemerly et al. 2012)

Temperature and UV-B stress (Arabidopsis)

Transgenerational loss of epigenetic silencing

(Lang-Mladek, Popova et al. 2010)

Viral infection, UV-C (Arabidopsis, Nicotiana)

Transgenerational recombination increases; enhanced genome methylation; require DNA methylase & Dicer-like proteins

(Boyko, Blevins et al. 2010)

Salt stress (rice, Oryza sativa)

DNA methylation changes

(Karan, Deleon et al. 2012)

Heavy metal stress (rice, Oryza sativa)

Transgenerational CHG hypomethylation, altered chromatin reformatting activities

(Ou, Zhang et al. 2012)

Heavy metal stress (Arabidopsis)

Transgenerational tolerance

(Rahavi, Migicovsky et al. 2011)

Herbivory (butterflies) and jasmonate (Arabidopsis)

Transgenerational resistance dependent on siRNA functions

(Rasmann, De Vos et al. 2012)

Chemical induction of herbivore and pathogen defenses, jasmonate and nutrient stress (Dandelion Taraxacum officinale)

Transgenerational methylation and growth phenotype changes, stress tolerance

(Verhoeven, Jansen et al. 2010; Verhoeven and van Gurp 2012)

Polyploidy (plants)

Histone acetylation changes

 (Chen and Tian 2007)

Allopolyploids (Brassica napus)

Cytosine methylation

(Lukens, Pires et al. 2006)

Allopolyploidy (wheat)

Transgenerational changes in methylation patterns of mobile elements and altered transcription profiles

 (Dong, Liu et al. 2005; Yaakov and Kashkush 2011; Yaakov and Kashkush 2011; Qi, Huang et al. 2012)

Synthetic allotetraploids (Arabidopsis)

Remodeling of DNA methylation, phenotypic and transcriptional changes


 (Madlung, Masuelli et al. 2002; Ha, Lu et al. 2009)

Allotetraploidy (Asteraceae)



(Buggs, Doust et al. 2009)

Hybridization and genome doubling (Asteraceae)

Nonadditive methylation changes


(Hegarty, Batstone et al. 2011)

Hybridization (Arabidopsis)

Trans-methylation (epimutation)

(Greaves, Groszmann et al. 2012)

Interspecific hybridization (Arabidopsis)


Loss of parental imprinting (silencing)

(Josefsson, Dilkes et al. 2006)

Hybridization (wheat)

Small RNA deregulation

(Kenan-Eichler, Leshkowitz et al. 2011)

Interspecific hybrids (plants)

Altered DNA methylation patterns; Phenotypic and epigenetic variability; changes in siRNA

 (Salmon, Ainouche et al. 2005; Marfil, Camadro et al. 2009; Groszmann, Greaves et al. 2011)

Introgression from Zizania latifolia into rice

Extensive alterations in DNA methylation

 (Liu, Wang et al. 2004)

Incompatible cross-pollination (rice)

Transgenerational epigenetic instability.

 (Wang, Chai et al. 2009)

Tissue culture growth

Altered mPing transposon cytosine methylation

(Ngezahayo, Xu et al. 2009)

Tobacco tissue culture

Gradual and frequent epigenetic reprogramming of invertedly repeated transgene epialleles

(Krizova, Fojtova et al. 2009)

Immortalized Arabidopsis cell suspension culture

Euchromatin DNA hypermethylation and DNA hypomethylation of specific transposable elements

(Tanurdzic, Vaughn et al. 2008)

Antibiotics and tissue culture (tobacco)

Genome-wide hypermethylation

 (Schmitt, Oakeley et al. 1997)

Rice plants subjected to space flight

Heritable hypermethylation of TEs and other sequences

 (Ou, Long et al. 2009)

Interspecific hybrids (mouse)

Placental DNA methylation changes

 (Schutt, Florl et al. 2003)

Interspecific hybrid (mouse)

Methylation perturbations in retroelements

 (Brown, Golden et al. 2008)

Interspecific hybrids (Peromyscus mice)

Genomic imprinting disrupted

 (Vrana, Guan et al. 1998)

Interspecific hybrids (Wallabies)

Loss of retroelement methylation

(O'Neill, O'Neill et al. 1998)

X irradiation

Transgenerational cancers and modifications in DNA methylation

 (Koturbash, Baker et al. 2006)

Particulate air pollution (Mouse)

DNA global hypermethylation

 (Yauk, Polyzos et al. 2008)

Nutrition (mouse)

Retrotransposon methylation in response to dietary methionine

 (Waterland and Jirtle 2003)

Wolbachia endosymbiosis in Drosophila males

Sperm chromatin remodeling; cytoplasmic incompatibility

 (Harris and Braig 2003)

Wolbachia endosymbiosis in leafhopper (Zyginidia pullula) males

Feminization, sterility, female-specific DNA methylation patterns

 (Negri, Franchini et al. 2009)

Bacterial infection (human)

Histone modifications and chromatin remodeling (particularly immune cells)

 (Arbibe 2008; Hamon and Cossart 2008)

Bacterial infection (mice)

DNA hypermethylation

(Bobetsis, Barros et al. 2007)

Flock House virus expression (C. elegans)

Transgenerational viRNA viral silencing

(Rechavi, Minevich et al. 2011)

Virus infection (tobacco)

Transgenerational methylation changes

 (Boyko, Kathiria et al. 2007)

Stress adaptation (Arabidopsis)

Transgenerational methylation

(Boyko and Kovalchuk 2008; Boyko, Blevins et al. 2010; Boyko and Kovalchuk 2010)

Epstein-Barr virus infection

Hypermethylation in EBV(+) gastric cancer

(Kaneda, Matsusaka et al. 2012)

Cytomegalovirus infection (human)

Methylation capacity

(Esteki-Zadeh, Karimi et al. 2012)

Nutrition (pigs, rats)

Transgenerational methylation, transcription and growth changes

(Burdge, Hoile et al. 2011; Braunschweig, Jagannathan et al. 2012)

Endocrine disrupter vinclozolin (rat)

Transgenerational disruption of male gonad development, male imprinting, pregnancy and transmission of anxiety

(Anway, Leathers et al. 2006; Anway and Skinner 2006; Chang, Anway et al. 2006; Anway and Skinner 2008; Nilsson, Anway et al. 2008; Skinner, Anway et al. 2008; Guerrero-Bosagna and Skinner 2009; Crews, Gillette et al. 2012)

Pesticides, plasticizers, jet fuel, dioxin (rat)

Transgenerational disruption of sexual development and gametogensis

(Manikkam, Guerrero-Bosagna et al. 2012; Nilsson, Larsen et al. 2012)

Pentylenetetrazole (Drosophila)

Transgenerational spermatogenic transmission of CNS expression changes

(Sharma and Singh 2009)

Bacterial infection

Histone modification and chromatin remodeling

(Hamon and Cossart 2008)

Helicobacter infection (human)

LINE-1 hypomethylation

 (Yamamoto, Toyota et al. 2008)

Helicobacter infection (human)

Aberrant or hypermethylation of CpG islands

 (Maekita, Nakazawa et al. 2006; Nardone, Compare et al. 2007; Nardone and Compare 2008; Moriichi, Watari et al. 2009; Nakajima, Yamashita et al. 2009; Hong, Oh et al. 2010; Yoshida, Yamashita et al. 2011)

Campylobacter rectus infection of the placenta (human)

DNA methylation and histone modification changes

(Minarovits 2009)





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