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3. An Unexpected Fundamental Lesson About Living Cells Less Than 50 Years Ago


4. The Deepest Event in Known Evolutionary History Involved Cell Fusion


5. Multiple Cell Fusions in the Evolution of Photosynthetic Eukaryotes


6. Additional Cell Fusions (Endosymbiosis) in Evolutionary History


7. Symbiotic Associations, Microbiomes, and Holobionts


8. The Virosphere as an Evolutionary R & D Sector


9. Crossing Cellular, Taxonomic and Weissmann barriers: extracellular transport vesicles (EVs) for protein and nucleic acid transfers between cells


10. Importance of Ecological Transitions in Triggering Genome Change


11. How Should Appreciation of Multi-species Interactions in Adaptive Genome Changes Alter the Way We Study Evolution?