Genome Writing By Natural Genetic Engineering – References to 2017


1.     Key Scientists Advocating non-Gradualist Evolution in the 19th and 20th Centuries.


2.     Photosynthetic eukaryotic lineages resulting from symbiogenesis.


3.     Examples of Speciation and Adaptive Radiation Involving Interspecific Hybridization and Changes in Chromosome Number


4.     Genomic consequences of experimental interspecific hybridization in plants and animals


5.     Modes of Horizontal DNA Transfer


6.     Examples of inter-phylum adaptive horizontal DNA transfers based on genomic data


7.     Mutagenic Natural Genetic Engineering Activities


8.     Exon Rearrangements and Retroposition by Mobile DNA element Activity


9.     Instances of Orphan Coding Sequences (“New genes” and New exons) Discovered in Sequenced Genomes


10.  Distributed genome network innovation attributed to mobile DNA elements


11.  Regulatory Functions Reported for Long Non-coding lncRNA molecules


12.  Different Genome Changes Observed in Cancer Cells


13.  Ecological Factors that Induce Mutagenic DNA Repair or Modulate NGE Responses


14.  Additional References (template-free DNA synthesis, etc.)